• Our extensive experience and insights, as well as long-established good relations with Sail Training International, the ships and their operators and sophisticated understanding of the related markets in which we work, can bring great advantages to any event in terms of value, efficiency and quality. Each service delivery area can be supplied on its own, or in combination with the others. In terms of ‘economies of scale’, this can be achieved somewhat by amalgamating Lesley and Ian’s specialist areas of Ship, Volunteer and Trainee recruitment to an extent, but Corporate Hospitality mostly stands alone because as…

  • services

    Sail Training gives you the opportunity to step into a world of adventure. A world…

  • Corporate Hospitality

    The corporate hospitality market and its influencing forces has changed a lot in the last…

  • Recruitment & Training

    Recruitment takes place from the point when a organisation decides that it needs to employ…

  • Consultancy

    As consultants we are experienced professionals in Tall Ship Event Delivery with extensive knowledge and…

  • Building on what we know and who we know. We, as a collective, have developed through experience, a unique set of skills to produce an event that generates interest from…

Latest project

By there very nature Tall Ships events are fluid. Changing from port to port/location to location. The idea here is to provide organisations with a snap shot of our most recent work.

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Our team members

The 'Core Team' members below constitute the main elements of our co-operative company.

However we are resourceful and we have many existing networks links which we can draw upon if the need arises.

Sail On Board

This is your opportunity to sail on a Tall Ship. Take a look at the range of vessels you could be crewing. We have many opportunities each year ie. races, regattas, sailing adventures, sailing qualification, etc... To be part of it and make a booking

The Adventure Starts Here!

The Tall Ships Programme 2018 / 2019 is going to be a very exciting time for you to explore some fabulous locations which include Ireland, Scotland, Greenland, Iceland and Norway to name a few. There is also opportunity to witness true wildlife in its own natural habitat at the Arctic such a polar bears, arctic foxes, seals…


This is the part that we always find difficult. How do you sell your company without sounding like you are bosting. We have all worked in this area for some time now and we have all built good working relationships with employers and other consultants. We would like to share what people in the industry have said about us. This is so that you can feel confident that we will deliver on our promises.

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15 Merchant House
TS24 0WA

Ian Anderson | Project Consultant - Maritime Services
M.+44 (0)7855 351 321

Lesley Strickland | Specialist Consultant - Maritime Services
M.+44 (0)7879 630 516

Guy Wimpory | Operational Consultant - Corporate Hospitality
M.+44 (0)7988 634 154

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