Recruitment & Training


Tall Ships are unable to operate without the support of Sail Trainees, whether participating in The Tall Ships Races or being part of the crew on an organised voyage. 

Trainee Recruitment for Tall Ship Races should not be underestimated as it takes a significant amount of time to organise.  The process of Trainee Recruitment includes promotion, recruitment, selection and management and should commence no later than 1-year prior to the race. Tall Ships Host Ports are contracted to recruit 50 x Trainees for Tall Ship Regattas and 100 Trainees for a 'Main' Tall Ships Race.  Trainees can be funded through sponsorship packages, local/regional companies, charities, youth organisations or local authority departments.  The process of Trainee Recruitment also includes liaising with Tall Ship Operators/Captains in relation to Trainee placements (booking of places on Ships), organising travel arrangements e.g. transfers/flights, and insurance for Trainees and most importantly, ensuring there is a robust Safeguarding process in place.  Safeguarding is paramount – ALL ships should have a Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy if placing Trainees under the age of 18.  

All of the above can be delivered by Blue Storm Events whether participating in a Tall Ships Race/Event or as part of an organised voyage.



There are several bursary schemes providing support for Sail Training voyages, ensuring that this valuable experience is available to everyone.  All UK Sail Training operators are 'not-for-profit' organisations and most operate their own bursary scheme. To find out more visit UK Sail Training


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