Arctic Explorer Tour

In 2018 and 2019 Maybe Sailing will be sending the Tall Ship 'Blue Clipper' to the Arctic. Here she will spend 5 months exploring this amazing area. We have planned a number of 3 week voyages, giving you the opportunity to exlore Iceland, Greenland, The Jan Mayen Islands, Svalbard and The Lofoten Islands. During a 3 week Arctic Exploration on board TS Blue Clipper you will find untouched Arctic wilderness and unique wildlife in a setting that is both rugged and fragile at the same time.

Faroe Islands - Europes best kept secret: 14 April - 3 May 2018
Adrift in the whirling rhythmic North Atlantic Sea, a different world lingers. An idyllic escape, peacefully set among lush green valleys, imposing basalt cliffs, grand treeless moorlands and waterfalls plunging directly into the wind whipped ocea. unfathomable beauty mysteriously tucked away like a figment of a child;s imagination.

Iceland & Greeland - The Islands of Fire and Ice: 12 May - 26 May / 30 May - 20 June 2018
Magnificent scenery, clarity of light and the raw power of nature make Iceland and Greenland truly amazing palces to visit. Immerse yourself in ethereal panoramic landscapes and breathe in the pure mountain air of these unspoiled lands.  

Svalbard - Realm of the Polar Bear: 23 June - 3 July / 7 July - 21 July 2018
Svalbard has fascinated travellers for a long time. Rich wildlife, Arctic nature and old mining towns are found on the islands, which have a stark and eerie beauty that's all their own. In addition to a few thousand polar bears, the islands home to almost 3000 human inhabitants. In the summer, beautiful colours and contrasts provide the frames for dramatic glaciers, majestic mountain formations, buzzing bird mountains and endless Arctic tundra with its diverse flora and fauna. Visitors find themselves enclosed by the unparralleled silence on Svalbard. The light lures us to this unique place in which the midnight sun shines from early spring till autumn. The blue light caught between darkness and light turns reality into pure fairytale.

Lofoten Islands - Land of the Midnight Sun: 28 July - 11 August / 14 August - 24 August / 28 August - 8 September 2018
The Lofoten Islands are draped across the turbulent waters of the Norwegian Sea, far above the Arctic Circle. This rare wilderness outpost offers an untrammelled landscape of majestic mountains, deep fjords, squawking seabird colonies and long, surf-swept beaches.  Due to the warm gulf stream, Lofoten has a much milder climate that other parts of the world at the same latitude.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who enjoys adventure and exploration. Vistit the Blue Clipper Vessel page to see a full list of voyage dates or alternatively vist the Sail Voyage > Blue Clipper page to find the voyage that suits you. To create a Booking.

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