Blyth Regatta 2016


Blyth North Sea Tall Ships Regatta 26-29 August 2016

For Blyth in Northumberland, UK this was the first major Tall Ships event they have hosted and the town was eager to welcome the international fleet of Tall Ships. Gothenburg, Sweden has hosting this major event five times.

“Blyth is a tidal deep water port which can accommodate the largest 'Class A' ships and offered first class amenities to the fleet.

“The town and port of Blyth delivered a tremendous welcome and provide great hospitality to the fleet and trainees. The event was a great opportunity for many organisations to be involved in a world class event.
The Port of Blyth came alive when it hosts the North Sea Tall Ships Regatta in 2016. Some of the largest and most spectacular Tall Ships in the world sailed into Blyth providing a fantastic maritime celebration for the region.

Blyth’s association with the sea goes back centuries and the people of the region gave the ships' crews a very warm North East welcome. The four-day event attracted over 500 thousand visitors who stepped on-board some of the ships, enjoy live music and experienced a spectacular Crew Parade, Eve of Sail celebration and culminated in the Parade of Sail.

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