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We have a strong volunteer programme due to our wealth of experience and skills in this field. We can assist you and your organisation to successfully employ good volunteers in whatever capacity you require. We have a positive history of recruitment with the majority requesting to be re-employed if the opportunity arises. We have an extensive database of people of all ages which we can draw upon. We also have strong links and contacts with local organisations, volunteer groups, colleges and universities where again we can source assistance on your behalf.

Recruitment of volunteers is paramount to a successful event but you shouldn’t underestimate a robust selection process. It is great having hundreds or thousands of applicants but you need to be able to find the right person to work for you as they will be at the forefront and quite possibly be the first person the public will meet. That is why, with a robust selection process you must consider implementing a well-designed training programme to optimise your newly appointed volunteers and maximise on their potential to work for you. Especially considering that your event may only last a few days and the margin for making errors or learning on the job is minimal.

So you have recruited and selected the right people. You have provided them with training and they are feeling confident in themselves that they can fulfil the role. You still need to consider who or how they are going to be managed. This again is where we are able to offer our expertise as a Chief Liaison Officer/Operational Manager. Whatever your requirements we are able to offer a cost effective solution. There is no obligation or cost to an initial consultation. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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