Recruitment & Training


Blue Storm Events has a proven track record in the recruitment of Tall Ships from Europe and further afield. Excellent working relationship and reputation with Captains and Ship Operators, spanning over a decade. We have a wealth of experience in negotiating with ships e.g. generating port income via Corporate Hospitality and Trainees.  

The Ship Recruitment process includes the production of an official invite to a Tall Ship Host Port, liaising with Captains and Ship Operators, managing Tall Ship contracts, ensuring all relevant documentation is provided and acting as Fleet Liaison during events.  Blue Storm Events will work with all Host Ports (Joint Ports) in order to maximise on Ship Recruitment e.g. marketing and promotion via Captains’ Receptions, Conferences etc. Tall Ship Recruitment should commence once the race has been advertised/promoted (normally 1-year prior to the event).


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