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(Tall Ship) Class A

Stop and Stare. This is what Marian and Harry Muter – the owners – had in mind, when people would look upon the Morgenster. And they succeeded. As a result, the Morgenster is a stunning and elegant Ship and a fast sailor, too. You will find her competing in the Tall Ships Races every year.

The Morgenster’s mission is to preserve the heritage of the great ships of yesteryear. To that end she provides an excellent environment for learning about seamanship. As a sailing trainee you will work together with, and be part of, a team of real sailors who give their every effort to preserving the historical heritage of seafaring.

On board as a trainee you will learn to sail a square rigger while practicing teamwork skills. Step on board for a great time. Learn about sailing. Make new friends. Step on board for an experience of a lifetime!

In 2008 the Ship was launched, following an intensive restoration. Although almost 100 years old, she now boasts all of the modern safety features and provides comfortable accommodation. Sailing on the Ship, with her Sail Training program, ensures personal development and growth for anyone willing to learn and to develop themselves. Sailing on the Morgenster is not just a vacation – it’s an adventure!


Launched in 1919 as the Vrouwe Maria, the Morgenster was built as a fishing vessel. Before she was extended in 1947, she got her first engine in 1929. In 1959 her name was changesd into Morgenster (the 'morning star'). Among her many different jobs were a few years as sport fishing vessel and a radio ship for Radio Del Mare. In 1993 Harry Muter bought the vessel to rebuild it into a Sail Training Ship. In 2008 the ship was re-launched as a clipperbrik, with a rigging very well suited for a sail training ship, but also for speed.


On the lower deck of the Morgenster you can take a breather at the bar or in the spacious seating area. All around the living area you will find nautical details that are educational as well as beautiful. With the knot boards as example, you will soon learn enough to make yourself useful on deck. This vessel can hold up to 35 trainees, divided in four-person and two-person cabins. There are also eight comfortable hammocks to really experience being on a ship to the fullest.

What shall I bring with me?

Bring practical clothing and lots of ‘layers’. Wearing layers just means that you’re ready for all conditions and you’ll (hopefully) never get cold. Walking boots, welly’s or sailing boots/shoes are recommended. A sun hat and warm hat are helpful, as is sun cream and waterproof trousers and jackets – you never know what the weather will do. Bring a swimming costume/shorts. Don’t forget your sunglasses! Gloves will be needed for sailing and handling ropes. A note book, sketchbook and novel will keep you busy in between watches. A head torch is handy for night and evening watches. There is bedding however an all-season sleeping is a good idea and an extra warm fleece even if it is the summer.

Oh – don’t forget your camera, you’re going to see some amazing sights!


Shipping type: Brig
Homeport: Den Helder (NL)
Date built: 1919
Restored: 2010
Capacity: 35
Length: 48m
Beam: 6,6m
Draught: 2,4m
Sail: 600m2
Height of mast: 29m
Engine capacity: 430 HP

Sail Training

Sail training takes place all over the world and in many different types of vessel. Voyages on small vessels benefit from the intimacy of working on board within a small team. Different challenges confront those who undertake sail training on the huge and glamorous square-rigged ships, with much demanding work aloft as well as on deck. Sail training is an adventure activity for the young and old everywhere, with a record of considerable success in developing men and women of character and ability for the challenges of life.

The cost of sail training differs from one organisation or ship or country to another. Many ships take all nationalities so it is worth trying ships based in different countries from your own. Bursaries and funding may be available through Sail Training International or one of the National Sail Training Organisations so contact them to find out if you are eligible.


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