Greenwhich Regatta 2014


The Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta 2014 from Falmouth to Greenwich, promised to be a special event, combining exciting racing and a relaxing cruise-in-company.

The race started from the Tall Ship friendly port of Falmouth reputed to be the third largest natural harbour in the world and an excellent venue for visiting Tall Ships from around the world.

Royal Greenwich hosted its first major Tall Ships event since London hosted the Tall Ships Race in 1989. Watch BBC news report about the event.

Royal Greenwich has the longest riverfront on the Thames making it ideal to host this type of event. They used four areas; Royal Greenwich, Wood Warf, Victoria Deep Water Terminal and Royal Woolwich. The fleet was spread across the venues which proved ideal for those wishing the view this great spectacle. also on offer over the course of the weekend were day sails up and down the Thames, Night/evening sails to watch the fireworks as well as numerous corporate hospitality events on many of the ships. It was estimate that the event drew in 1.1 million spectators over the 4 days.

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