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Lady of Avenel

(Tall Ship) Class A

The Lady of Avenel is a traditionally rigged 102 ft Brigantine square rigger. Originally built in Poland in 1969 as a tug vessel, she was re-fitted in 1992. The ship provides an exciting platform for adventure sailing. From Scotland, Ireland, and the coasts and water off England. The ship was named after one of Walter Scott’s novels in which a lady pinned away in her castle awaiting the return of her husband, who was always away fighting and now her ghost haunts the estate. Accommodation for 12 passengers is in twin berth cabins with comfortable bunks. There are hot showers and flush toilets. The large comfortable saloon area affords great views for eating and relaxing. The boat has central heating as well as a wood burning stove in the saloon. All sails can be set and controlled from the deck. You will have the opportunity to climb the rigging but it’s not necessary.

Types of Voyages

Sea Kayaking:  Experience the rugged landscape of the Scottish West Coast and the Outer Hebrides under square sails and explore the coast line and islands by sea kayak. Sail to the most remote places on our tall ship and start your sea kayak adventure from aboard. After a day paddling you will return to the comfort and warmth of your 'floating hotel' and enjoy good food and drink watching the sun setting.

Whisky Tours: An exploration of refined tastes. Visit the world’s best single malt whisky distilleries on the West Coast of Scotland under a square sailed ship. There is no better way than visiting Scottish Highland Whiskey distilleries than by boat and especially a tall ship.

Mountains and Sails: Experience the rugged landscape of the Scottish West Coast under square sail and explore remote mountains via trails only accessible by boat. You will be landed by dinghy from your floating base the Lady of Avenel and explore a selection of the most beautiful and wild mountains and landscapes often only accessible by boat. Trips run with a minimum of 8 and up to 12 persons. Dates are flexible, please check itinerary. We currently offer trips exploring the Outer Hebrides, Skye, Orkneys and the Fjords of Norway.

Fathers and Sons: The Father and Sons Adventure Voyages leader, Charles Lyster throughout his exciting life sailing and in the outdoors. The ‘Fathers and Sons’ voyage was set up to enable fathers and sons to share powerful experiences together aboard a sailing vessel and in remote and wild places on land. This adventure involves learning how to sail the ship and navigate to reach a goal, most likely one or more remote islands. Once you arrive and drop anchor, the ship’s tender will deliver you ashore and you’ll explore mountains and hills, beaches and coves.

Tall Ships Races: The Tall Ships Races are sail training exercises that are put together to encourage friendship and training for young and old alike. Held annually these races span many miles of sea. These races are a real spectacle for those onboard and ashore. She sails amongst the fleet of ships, some of which are huge but the perspective and views she allows you to see show off the power and beauty of the heavy-shouldered and tough ships that compete around her.


The Lady of Avenel can sleep up to 12 guests. We have private and communal sleeping areas. The private berths are cabins with basins and space to leave your belongings.

What shall I bring with me?

Bring practical clothing and lots of ‘layers’. Wearing layers just means that you’re ready for all conditions and you’ll (hopefully) never get cold. Walking boots, welly’s or sailing boots/shoes are recommended. A sun hat and warm hat are helpful, as is sun cream and waterproof trousers and jackets – you never know what the weather will do. Bring a swimming costume/shorts and snorkeling gear for the beaches you visit. Don’t forget your sunglasses! Gloves will be needed for sailing and handling ropes. A note book, sketchbook and novel will keep you busy in between watches. A head torch is handy for night and evening watches while you’re sailing and on the subject of night watches, you may want to bring along nibbles or snacks such as biscuits and sweets. There is bedding although an all-season sleeping could be brought along. Last but not least and just in case you’re prone to getting cold, please do not hesitate in packing an extra warm fleece even if it is the summer.

Oh – don’t forget your camera, you’re going to see some amazing sights!


Shipping type: Two Masted Square Rigg Brigantine
Homeport: Oban (UK)
Date built: 1969
Restored: 1992
Capacity: 16
Length: 32m
Beam: 6m
Draught:  -
Sail:  -
Height of mast:  -
Engine capacity:  -

Sail Training

Sail training takes place all over the world and in many different types of vessel. Voyages on small vessels benefit from the intimacy of working on board within a small team. Different challenges confront those who undertake sail training on the huge and glamorous square-rigged ships, with much demanding work aloft as well as on deck. Sail training is an adventure activity for the young and old everywhere, with a record of considerable success in developing men and women of character and ability for the challenges of life.

The cost of sail training differs from one organisation or ship or country to another. Many ships take all nationalities so it is worth trying ships based in different countries from your own. Bursaries and funding may be available through Sail Training International or one of the National Sail Training Organisations so contact them to find out if you are eligible.

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