Corporate Hospitality

8The corporate hospitality market and its influencing forces has changed a lot in the last 20 years, but the way that Tall Ships hospitality has been marketed and sold in Europe has not evolved in line with it. Through in-depth discussions with Sail Training International and ships’ owners and informed by recent experience in London, Belfast and Blyth, we have developed an updated model that will lead to:

  • Increased sales of Tall Ship deck events
  • Increased income to ship owners and thus incentive to appear at Tall Ship events
  • Increased income and reduced risk to event orginisers
  • Greater sustainability of Sail Training and Tall Ship events in the UK

We feel that this can be achieved by implementing a carefully calculated model made possible by real Tall Ship event experience and ability to confidently forecast the likely level of sales. The main facets of the new model are: 

  • Reduced agent margin (Blue Storm Events in conjunction with Sea Monster Marketing)
  • Leverage of financially rewarding partnership deals with suppliers 
  • Increased margin on sales to Host Ports 
  • Low up-front engagement fee to cover some initial expenses only

In short, for organisers this means a bigger slice of a bigger pie, reduced risk, and greater marketability of the overall event in many directions and all the incorporated benefits that brings including more ships, happier ship owners abd a better event.

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