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Sail Training gives you the opportunity to step into a world of adventure. A world where you can challenge yourself, learn new skills and forge new friendships. There is no feeling like crashing through the waves, far out to sea, on a ship where you know you are an essential part of the team. You can be at the helm steering or in the galley preparing dinner, scrubbing the decks or raising sails, but whatever you are doing you will be part of a watch and you will have an experience you will never forget. Whether you choose the smallest or the largest vessel, every trainee gives their all to put the skills they learn to the test and become an essential crew member.

At Blue Storm Events, we are extremely proud to be one of a handful of organisations in the world who organise this unique style of sail training on Tall Ships. Today, The Tall Ship Races can attract a diverse fleet of International vessels from up to 30 different countries. They can bring up to 4 million visitors and 400 media representatives to the ports we visit. These events take place mainly in Europe… but we are making waves in oceans around the world. This year Sail Training International has organised a Trans-Atlantic event – the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta. The Fleet commenced their journey from Royal Greenwich, London and sailed down to Portugal before proceeding to the Canary Islands, Spain. They crossed the Atlantic Ocean and arrived a month later at the beautiful island of Bermuda. They then headed North to mainland America (Boston) and then spent some time in Canada before heading to Europe arriving back at the end of August. Sail Training International continue to do some great work, next year will be no excepting. They have organised a further Regatta from Liverpool (UK) to Dublin (Ireland) with the final destination of Bordeaux in France (27-May to 16-June-2018) and a main race starting from Sunderland in the North East of England to Europe. There is also some exciting developments from Maybe Sailing who have organised an Arctic Expedition visiting Iceland, Norway and the Arctic Circle (14-April to 8-September-2018).

Simply choose a ship, sign up as a trainee and you'll soon be having the adventure of a lifetime!



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