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Building on what we know and who we know. We, as a collective, have developed through experience, a unique set of skills to produce an event that generates interest from business, media, public, merchants, stakeholders and government sector to create opportunity for local/national organisations to become involved in projects that create employment, income, public interest, regeneration on a local as well as regional scale.

Sail Training gives people the opportunity to step into a world of adventure. A world where you can challenge yourself, learn new skills and forge new friendships.

We are extremely proud to be one of a handful of organisations in the world who organise this unique style of sail training on Tall Ships. Today, The Tall Ship Races attracts a fleet of International vessels from up to 30 different countries. They can bring up to 4 million visitors and 400 media representatives to ports over a short period of time i.e. weekend.

The corporate hospitality market and its influencing forces is changing. We are now influencing this change and as a market leader, we are pioneers in Tall Ships Hospitality. We have developed a dynamic model that is leading in this field:

  • Increased sales of Tall Ship deck events
  • Increased income to ship owners and thus incentive to appear at Tall Ship events
  • Increased income and reduced risk to event organisers
  • Greater sustainability of Sail Training and Tall Ship events in the UK

In short, for organisers this means a bigger slice of a bigger pie, reduced risk and greater marketability of the overall event in many directions and all the incorporated benefits that it brings including more ships, happier ship owners, a better event.

Recruitment takes place from the point when a business decides that it needs to employ somebody, up to the point where a pile of completed application forms has arrived in the post. Selection then involves choosing an appropriate candidate through a range of ways, sorting out suitable candidates leading to interviews and other tests. Training involves providing a range of planned activities that enable an employee to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge required by the organisation and the work required.

Training for employment is very important. In a modern economy like our own the nature of work is constantly changing. New technologies mean that new work skills are constantly required. To succeed in business or in a career, people will need to be very flexible about where they work and how they work and to constantly change the range of skills they use at work.

As consultants we are experienced professionals in our own fields having a wide range of knowledge and skills. By hiring us as consultants, you will have access to deeper levels of expertise that would not be financially feasible in-house on a long-term basis. You as the client, will have full control over expenditures on our services by only purchasing as much service from us as desired. As consultants we can provide advice in a variety of forms e.g. reports, presentations etc.... however, in some specialised fields like ours we are very much hands on... working closely with your staff to achieve a given goal. This is usually to deliver a Tall Ships Event on behalf of a local Council/Port Authority or Business. As management consultants we are engaged to fulfil a brief, helping to find solutions to specific issues within the constraints of a budget or resources. In some circumstances we are employed indirectly providing technical services that are not available in-house.

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